S-unno Mobile Application:

S-unno.com is a subsidiary of Spice i2i, is a mobile voip application that lets user to call anyone around the world at the very affordable price, no matter whether they are at home, office, and traveling. It empowers customers to enjoy the freedom of mobility and cost effective communication, without subscribing to the costly mobile plans.

S-unno work perfectly with all leading mobile platform and OS such as, Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and even on the iPad. And very soon will be available on the MTK chipset. MTK chipset is most widely used in china mobile, it means sooner or later you will able to enjoy S-unno VoIP International Calls from your china mobile phone.

Phone calls among S-unno mobile users are completely free and you can reduce your calling expense upto 70% when calling to outside the S-unno network. As a user, you can share credit with your S-unno friends and send international text SMS at the cheapest rate than your regular mobile SMS charge.

In addition to these things, the application offers music streaming, Caller ID (to display the number), call forwarding, Voicemail and others. Instant messaging between the S-unno users and a cross platform IM with Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN, and AIM friends.

In order to start making calls, go to the S-unno.com from your mobile phone and signup, then simply connect your mobile to WiFi or 3G for internet connectivity. Now, enter the phone number in S-unno dialer through your keypad or select the contact from your contact list.

S-unno For PC:

Likewise mobile phone, you can use PC to call your friends that have installed application. Phone calls between the S-unno mobile users as well as PC users will remain free and you save a lot when calling to a friend that doesn’t belong to the S-unno network. For good sound clarity, you require headset with inbuilt microphone. S-unno is compatible with windows XP/2000/Vista.

S-unno Unlimited VoIP Calling Plans:

1. Unlimited Calls to 60 Countries:

This plan offer you the possibility to make unlimited calls to your S-unno friends from your PC & Mobile to 60 countries including India, Iraq, Italy, Russia, Canada, China and others at just $19.99/month.

2. 750 Minutes to Call India & USA :

Call India 750 Minutes: In calling plan you will get 750 Minutes to call fixed and mobile phone anywhere in India at just $9.99/month.
Call India & USA 750 Minutes: By subscribing this offer you will get 750 minutes to call landline and mobile in India and USA at just $12.99/month.

3. Unlimited VoIP Calls to 40 Countries:

In this calling plan, you can make Unlimited VoIP Calls from your PC or mobile to the almost 40 countries around the world including USA, UK, Israel China and others within the limited price of $9.99/month. For more information visit here …….