Before moving on, let me tell you that this article is not just an ordinary article, it’s a VoIP scripture, so do not take it lightly. I have tried to put together a cocktail of VoIP Services which offers free VoIP calls from PC and smartphone. But before cognizing the different methods of making free calls, you should know about VoIP and how it works.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is abbreviated form of voice over ip; which works in contrast to traditional telephony system that we are using since our childhood. This innovation medium of communication uses Internet protocols for the transmission of conversations; rather than using traditional PSTN. It convert the analog voice signals to digital data packets to maintain the flow of communication, so the conversation go on smoothly without any hindrance. A primary attraction of VoIP is its cheap calling rate as its calls are routed through internet rather than the phone company’s network.

Free phone calls through VoIP technology can be done on internet; with the help of VoIP service providers of your choice and audio system equipped PC. Some service provider offers their services through connecting router or adapter to your PC; and some by installing software on your PC or smartphone. VoIP offers substantial savings as compared to the traditional telephony system. I really admire ip telephony as it has played vital role in enhancing our way of communication.

Free VoIP calls: Top 3 VoIP services to make free calls from your desktop PC

1. Skype

As far as I know, Skype is known as father of internet telephony. I haven’t seen such thing in my entire life that a technology became popular because of it service provider but in case of Skype it’s true. It’s Skype that has given fame to VoIP technology. I don’t know about others but I came across to VoIP service through the Skype only.

Skype is one of the most popular and widely used VoIP software. Millions of people around the world use Skype in their day to day life for communicating with their friends, colleague and co-workers. I personally prefer to use to Skype, as I am using it since many years and I must say that its crystal clear call quality is extremely satisfactory.

Mostly I use Skype to Skype free calls as majority of my contacts are also on Skype. I can’t say exactly but quite a few time I had purchased Skype subscription. If you want make calls to non-Skype users or mobile phones or landlines, it offers several cheap and reasonable international calling plans on monthly and daily basis. By using Skype you can save lots of money on phone calls. As per the statistic, Skype helped many users to reduce their calling expense up to 90%. Besides one to one free VoIP calls, you can make group voice and video chat, video conferencing, group text chat, send files, share screen, send video messages and so on.

2. Rebtel

Rebtel is one the among world’s most renowned VoIP providers which offers a remarkable cheap international calls services that can used from any type of phone. It doesn’t make a difference whether you have smartphone, landlines, ordinary mobile phone, you can still cheap phone calls to your loved ones round the globe.

Cheap international phone calls from your mobile or landlines:

After registering, simply add the numbers of your loved ones you want to call on your rebtel contact list. They’ll immediately allot a local rebtel number for you to utilize when calling your contact. Save this number to your phone and use it to call your companion in place of their regular international number. Since rebtel works splendidly with all kinds of phones and operators, you can talk to your contacts from any type of phone.

Free international calls from your iPhone, Android or Windows PC:

The innovative rebtel applications have made free VoIP calls simpler than any other time of their tenure. When you make call from your PC, iPhone, android that has latest version of rebtel apps installed, they will let you know which buddies also have also got the application, so you’ll see a “Free” logo beside those contacts. The calls you make to these friends remains absolutely free if you call then over Wi-Fi or 3G networks. Within our 50 supported nations, you can likewise connect your free calls making use of your local minutes.

3. Vonage

Vonage is a one of the most dignified voice over ip and SIP Company which offers free and cheap international calling service within or outside USA, UK, and Canada via a broadband connection, and helps you to reduce your calling expense with great calling plans. You can make and receive phone calls with telephone wherever internet connection is available. As per your need your can choose international or domestic plans which in addition to unlimited free calling include various other beneficial features. All for a price that is quite tough to beat.

The vonage made its debut by offering subscription based VoIP service in the USA, UK and Canada. And now it has extended its services to 50 others countries worldwide.

How vonage works:

Once you have registered for the service and selected a calling plan, you’ll get a free vonage Box. At this point, you’ll be just three steps or 5 minutes away from using the vonage VoIP free calls service.

Easy three step vonage Setup:

1. Plug your received vonage Box into your broadband Internet connection.
2. Plug any of your home phone which is in use into vonage Box.
3. That’s it, now pick up your phone and start making free calls to anywhere you want.

Previous, it was limited to home phone service but it’s available to wide range of devices including iPhone, android and PC. You can get the VoIP apps of your respective device from its official website or apple iTunes or Google play.

Mobile VoIP: Top 3 VoIP app that allow you to make free internet calls from your mobile devices

1. Viber

Viber is an immensely popular cross-platform mobile VoIP app for smartphones developed by viber Media. This client software allow users to make free mobile calls with friends, relatives and loved ones living across the globe both on Wi-Fi and 3G networks. In addition to calling and texting, users can exchange pictures, audio and video messages. It was genuinely released for Apple iOS but now it’s available for all the major OS such as Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Bada, Windows Phone, Mac, and Windows. Viber works perfectly on both 3G/4G and WiFi networks. In order to use it on desktop, first you need to install on smartphone.

From a technical perspective, is includes all of the necessary features that a VoIP app must have such as simultaneously 40 users on group chat and push notification to ensure that you won’t miss anything when you are offline. The feature that actually flattened me is its cross platform communication system, it means viber allow us to make VoIP free calls from Android to iOS, Nokia to Blackberry and so on. You can start using this app instantly, as it does not require any registration or complicated setup.

2. Fring

Fring is a softphone specially designed for mobile user and born to change the way people socialize. Now you don’t have to worry about calling charges, with Fring mobile VoIP service you can enjoy 2 and 4-way mobile Group video chat, VoIP calls and live text chat for absolutely free of cost. Additionally, with fringOut credit fringsters can make cheap calls to landlines and cell phone numbers around the world for just 1¢/min.

Fring make use of your cellular internet connection to regulate your communication. It allow us to have conversation with our contacts on 3G/4G, WiFi, GPRS, and EDGE network connectivity. It’s available for all major Smartphones & tablets incorporating iPhone/iPad/iPod touch (iOS), Android and Nokia (Symbian).

3. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is a cross platform free VoIP calling and instant messaging app for youngster. With nimbuzz you can call, chat, send messages and share files for free on your term. If your contact is not available on nimbuzz, in that case use NimbuzzOut cheap international calls facility to call your contacts at the affordable calling rates. It connects you with all eminent IM clients and social networks such Facebook, Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk. It’s presence over the multiple platform increases the possibility of finding and adding more friends to our contact list.

Its customers enjoy the freedom of interacting with buddies between any internet empowered device, from mobile to mobile, mobile to PC or Mac and vice versa, over Wi-Fi, 3G/2G, and GPRS. Nimbuzz is available for all popular devices and known OS including, Nokia, Android, BlackBerry, Java, iOS, Windows and MAC. It is one among the very few mobile VoIP app that is available for the Java based phones. Frankly speaking, nimbuzz is an all in one IM client.

VoIP Equipment: Top 2 VoIP providers which offer free international calls form portable devices

1. Nettalk

NetTALK launched with a vision of making people communication system more affordable and better with the easy to use products and superior customer service. NetTalk DUO (netTALK DUO Wi-Fi, netTALK DUO II) is a small sized portable VoIP device that connects directly to your router or modem or computer creating a user friendly phone line with several free international calling features. With the netTALK DUO, you can call any phone in the USA and Canada for free of cost from any corner of the world.

It offers variety of cheap international calls plan through which you can save up to 30% to 40% on your mobiles and landlines calls. It’s an only VoIP service that allows 20 users to talk simultaneously with each other. Additionally, you can get a free Canadian phone number, so your friends and family members can contact you using your Canadian phone number (Tip: You got the option of forwarding your DUO phone number to your app for absolutely free). NetTALK smartphone app is also available for wide range of iOS and android devices. You can enjoy the benefits of this digital internet phone service by paying just $29.95 per year.

2. MagicJack

MagicJack Plus is a VoIP Provider that has two ports for plugging your route and phone line. With Magic Jack, you can make unlimited free calls to any phone number within the USA and Canada or to any Magic Jack number from anywhere around the world. On the purchase of MagicJack plus at just $49.95, you will get 6 month of free internet phone service.

It’s also available for iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPod touch) and Android devices. You can have MagicJack smartphone app on your corresponding devices for absolutely free. It won’t use your mobile minutes and doesn’t require any sort of calling plans. It uses mobile data or Wi-Fi or 3G/4G networks to establish contact between you and the person you wish to talk. So, for making free international calls without any disturbance make sure you have good internet connection.

Residential VoIP Phone Service


Ooma is a residential home phone service that allows people of United State and Canada to call anywhere within the country with no monthly service fees and contracts, all for free. As the service is restricted to residential use only, that’s why your outgoing calls are limited to 5000 minutes a month. Now Ooma VoIP phone service is not limited to home only, you can have it for your office and business use too. In addition to this, you can get Ooma Mobile HD App on your apple iOS devices for making free international calls over Wi-Fi or mobile data network. Ooma has wide range of products which includes Ooma Telo, Ooma Wireless and Bluetooth Adapter, Ooma for Linux, Office and Handset.

Free Conference Call Service


Rondee is an audio conferencing service which offers various features for organizing and managing VoIP conference calls for absolutely free. It is suitable for organizations, instructive gatherings and individuals making buddies and relative meetings. The two significant things about rondee are: it permits you to start a non-scheduled free conference call at any time; it offers numerous services for free. Among those features the most remarkable one is the number of participants per call is 50, which is considerably huge in number in comparison to other tools available in the market.

Video Conferencing Service and Equipment


Nefsis is a most reputable easy to use online video conferencing service for desktop computers and meeting rooms. It was the first company that made an effort to develop real time communications tool and to implement cloud computing within the videoconferencing industry.

Nefsis offers HD video conferencing and web collaboration solutions to many small and medium sized company, government and educational firms, and distributed enterprise customers in more than forty five countries around the world. In terms of infrastructure hardware solutions, nefsis cloud based technology is much more affordable, easier to install, and merely requires a telephone call to grow.

Nowadays, more companies are embracing cloud computing for their web conferencing needs. You know why? Because cloud computing is quicker and simpler to use than the traditional video conferencing solutions. It let small business owners and employees to organize virtual meeting with anyone at any time easily to demonstrate new products and to collaborate on business opportunities. It also offers high quality PC based video conferencing equipment to make conversation more pleasant.

Nefsis web and video conferencing software was specially designed to meet the business requirement of firms. You can start using this by paying minimum fee of $99/month. Before purchasing paid plans, you can go for 14 days trial which is totally free to ensure that you are choosing right services.

Free Video Chat Software


OoVoo is popular cross platform video chat and instant messaging software which allows registered users to talk freely through voice and video chat from their devices running under Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS operating system. It was launched in 2007 in competition to Skype and Apple’s facetime. OoVoo conferencing software allows crystal clear audio and HD quality video calls with up to 12 connected users at the same time.

Free Features:

Video calls – Voice and Video calling between 12 people simultaneously.
Web video chat – Browser based video call allows the host of the web meeting to invite non ooVoo users to the conference by sending invitation link through email, IM, or social network.
Video Messaging – Video messages of less than or upto 100 minutes lengthy could be recorded and sent to another user via email, or by sharing on YouTube.
Instant messaging – Send text SMS to your loved ones even while you’re on a phone call.
Video call recording – Record and store your conversation to share it with your friends or reuse at a later date.

Verdict of the VoIP Calls:

In this article, I have mentioned about all the major VoIP Providers that offers free VoIP calls. If you think I am missing something important then; just let know. If you don’t understand anything or need to know about something then don’t hesitate to ask me, I will be pleased to help you.